Abigail Rebecca is The Visibility Goddess: A Visibility & Human Design Intuitive Business Mentor. She makes soul client attraction simple. Early on in her business, Abigail was feeling so frustrated that she wasn't attracting the number of soul clients that she truly desired. She really wanted to transform lives but she was so worried about being judged and criticised that she remained low key and practically invisible. She didn’t realise it at the time but she also had deep rooted fears around rejection that stemmed from her strict upbringing as a Jehovah’s Witness, that saw her lose most of her family and friends when she left the organisation, aged 16. Growing her business seemed incredibly complicated and difficult. For years she invested in training programmes, coaches and communities that fully embodied the hustle culture which led to multiple burnouts and several trips to A&E with a heart rate of 220. But now she’s grown her business in a simpler, organic, heart based way. Tapping into the wisdom of her own visibility & self love journey and her highly regarded experience of leading, coaching, and developing women at the upper level for over 25 years, she’s created the tried and trusted 7 Step Illuminate Method®. It’s simply designed to help you align to your unique Human Design and be more visible so you can grow your business empire without the hustle ♀


Abigail Rebecca | The Visibility Goddess

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