All You Need to Know About Human Design Line 4 Opportunist

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll have heard me talk a lot about Human Design being the science of differentiation. Human Design shows us how we are different and special. How we can stand out from the crowd using our own unique gifts.

This also includes our strategy around being visible. If we are all so different and unique then the way we promote ourselves is also different and unique.

So therefore I don’t agree with the cookie cutter approach that a lot of the industry has to self promotion and marketing.

Imagine if you could be visible on your own terms? Aligned to your energy. If you could grow your business in a way that doesn’t burn you out?

You don’t have to hustle. You can stop comparing yourself to others. And you can step into flow and ease.

Understanding your Human Design Profile is key to this.

Your Profile is your role in life. The two numbers in your Human Design Profile also show you the energy and gifts that your clients want to receive from you and seek out in you. How you can support them in their growth. And this is invaluable if you help others transform, as a coach, mentor, practitioner, community builder or course creator.

In future blogs I’m going to share more about the different profiles but for today, I wanted to share with you Line 4, the Opportunist.

As an Opportunist you literally get your opportunities through other people so communities are very important to you. You’re a natural networker and relationship builder. But you also have some shadows that may hold you back. A big one is fear of rejection.

I share more in the short video below.

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