Crafting Your Unique Speaking Style: Leveraging Human Design for Authenticity


If you’re ready to up your visibility game and make an impact on stages and podcasts, this one’s for you. Today we’re diving into how your Human Design can be your secret weapon to become an incredible speaker.

So, pop the kettle on and let’s explore how understanding your Human Design can turn you into a confident and impactful speaker in the business world.

I’m going to be focussing on three main areas in this blog:

  • How your Human Design Aura can land the right speaking opportunities.
  • How your Human Design Centres can help you overcome resistance to being visible.
  • How to to align your offers and follow ups to your Human Design Strategy.

First off, before we go any further with this, if you are comparing yourself to other speakers, please stop!

Embracing your unique Human Design is like unlocking your superpowers. It’s all about crafting a speaking style that’s true to you, not trying to mimic someone else. Being real and confident on stage is what truly resonates with people and attracts the soul clients that are aligned to you. No one likes a scripted, fake act, right?

Attracting Opportunities With Your Energy

Did you know your Human Design type plays a role in creating speaking opportunities that are the right fit for you?

Attracting opportunities with your energy is a fundamental aspect of leveraging your Human Design Type to effectively create speaking opportunities that align with your authentic self.

For example, if you’re a Generator or Manifesting Generator, your strategy is to respond rather than initiate. This means that instead of proactively pursuing speaking gigs through cold-calling or actively seeking out opportunities, you’re better suited to wait to respond to the right opportunities that genuinely energise you and align with your unique abilities.

By doing so, you can magnetise speaking opportunities that not only light you up but also draw in your ideal audience and enhance your presence and impact as a speaker.

Overcoming The Fears and Blocks

Ok let’s talk about the fears that might be holding you back from owning that stage. Past traumas and limiting beliefs can be major factors holding you back from speaking on stage.

For example, Human Design Projectors can often hold back from putting themselves out there because they’re scared of rejection, after a lifetime of not “feeling seen”.

Human Design can play a crucial role in helping you release blocked energy and overcome the blocks that are holding you back from being highly visible. Human Design not only provides insight into attracting opportunities and crafting a unique speaking style, it also delves deeper into the inner work necessary to confront fears and limiting beliefs.

Your open and undefined centres can hold onto blocked energy. By identifying these energy blockages and understanding how they manifest in your behaviour and thought patterns, you can work towards releasing them, enabling you to become a more confident and competent speaker.

Many of my clients have been able to step into their true essence and confidently share their message on stage after doing this beautiful inner work.

Crafting Aligned Calls to Action

If you’re wondering how to make a rock-solid statement after your speech, it’s crucial to align your call-to-action with your Human Design Strategy.

Whether it’s offering a product or inviting your audience to connect further, understanding how your Human Design guides your approach can make the difference between a pushy sales pitch and an authentic and compelling call-to-action that resonates with your audience.

Different Human Design Types have unique strategies for attracting opportunities and interacting with others. For example, Manifestors are designed to initiate and lead but must inform before they do so.

Therefore, as a Manifestor, it’s important to inform your audience what’s coming next. For example: “My team and I will contact you after this event to discuss X, Y and Z.”

In contrast, If you are a Reflector, you may want to invite the audience to reflect on the message, rather than pushing for immediate action.

These approaches align with your Human Design strategy and create the likelihood of a favourable response from your audience.

Illuminating From Within

Regardless of whether you’re a Business Founder, Entrepreneur, CEO or Creative Changemaker, claiming the stage can be a powerful game-changer.

Integrating Human Design into our speaking journey isn’t just about increasing our visibility — it’s about embracing a transformational shift. It empowers us to attract speaking opportunities that align with our energy, engage authentically with our audience, and drive positive outcomes for our business and ourselves. It’s a win-win all around!

As you prepare to speak on more stages, remember this — your Human Design is your backstage pass to an authentic and successful speaker journey. So, tap into its magic, magnetise opportunities and ignite that stage with your authentic energy.

The stage is yours — go dazzle them!

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