Create Breathtaking Online Content With These Simple Steps Aligned to Your Human Design

If you are running an online business then online content creation is a key component to promoting yourself, your services and attracting soul clients.

I get this question a lot “Abi, how on earth do you create the content and find the time to post on social media consistently?”

Well that’s a whole strategy that I teach my clients because let’s face it… is too short to be stuck on your laptop all day long, so there are ways to create amazing content without having to work too hard.

But, here’s one thing that I wanted to share with you……a key component to great content is to document your lifestyle with vibrant photos.

This means looking for photo opportunities wherever you go!

Photos that are not just used for social media. Photos that can be used on your website, sales pages, ebooks, Canva templates, online programmes…the list goes on.

So here are 4 things that I share with my clients when it comes to creating great photos. (And how I overcame being camera shy because I used to feel very uncomfortable when someone took my photo)

1) Learn how to pose. Learn how to position your body, move your clothes and find that spot of light that makes you look incredible in photos. Don’t practice in front of a mirror, practice in front of a camera. Invest in a tripod and a remote control and practice with your phone.

2) Budget for at least 2 high ticket brand photo shoots a year, more if you can. Invest in an incredible photographer who understands your brand and will then create stunning shots for you to use throughout the year on social media, your website and any other publications.

3) Whenever you travel, book a local photographer to take lifestyle shots of you on location. It can be a really simple 1 hour shoot where you just show up and they snap away. In order for this to work, it’s important for you to learn to be natural and confident in front of the camera as the experience may not be as guided as the brand shoot. Airbnb experiences is a great place to book these.

4) Learn how to use the camera on your phone! Take a course and practice practice practice. A lot of the shots I use are taken on my phone. Or even better, teach a partner or friend how to take amazing photos. Seriously, Kev my partner is my personal brand photographer wherever I go and I love him for it!

I share more on the video below.

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