Cultivating Authentic Leadership through Vulnerability


As a former corporate leader turned entrepreneur, I had always believed that leading with strength and toughness was the key to success. My journey towards understanding the importance of leading from the heart rather than the ego was a transformative experience that I would love to share with you today.

I clearly remember a pivotal moment in my career when I interviewed for a job that I really wanted. To my surprise, the feedback I received was that I cared too much about my team and that it made me a weak leader. This comment struck a chord within me, making me question my leadership abilities and planting the seed of doubt in my mind.

Determined to prove my worth, I internalised the belief that in order to be seen as a strong, capable leader, I needed to toughen up. This mindset guided my actions as I focused on achieving results, often at the expense of the well-being of my team and myself. While it may have elevated my corporate standing, I couldn’t help but wonder if it truly fed my soul and helped those around me grow.

Fed up with the burnout and ongoing dissatisfaction, I made the bold decision to leave my corporate job and take a new path as a coach and entrepreneur. In my pursuit of success, I invested heavily in high-level coaching and training programmes, hoping to replicate the leadership style that had seemingly propelled me forward in the corporate world. Little did I know that this journey would eventually challenge my perception of what true leadership meant.

One of the game-changing moments in my journey was when I enrolled in a personal development programme called Landmark. I resisted joining for so long because I was so triggered. It felt a bit culty, in fact very similar to the Jehovah’s Witness organisation that I had left many years ago, aged 16. Eventually I took a leap of faith, recognising that true growth often lies outside our comfort zones.

However, as I entered the programme, I found myself still trapped in a cycle of ego-driven leadership. I was so focused on establishing my authority and showcasing my accomplishments that I failed to embrace vulnerability and genuine connection. I stood on that stage, fuelling my ego and attempting to prove my worth to those around me, unaware of the impact it had on my relationships and personal growth.

I share the full story in the video below.

The realisation that I was leading from my ego instead of my heart became a turning point in my journey. I began to understand that being a leader is about creating authentic connections, inspiring others and genuinely caring for their growth.

Letting go of my ego allowed me to lead from a place of vulnerability and authenticity. I learned that true leadership is not about being perfect, but rather about showing humility and relatability, acknowledging that we are all human, with strengths and weaknesses, triumphs and setbacks.

Today, I aim to lead from my heart in every aspect of my life. I strive to create connections based on empathy, trust and a genuine desire to help others grow. I no longer view vulnerability as a weakness, but rather as a strength that allows for genuine connection and understanding.

As I reflect on my journey, I can’t help but empathise with the countless women who are facing similar challenges. It’s disheartening that many feel the need to adopt a masculine energy and suppress their femininity in order to succeed in their careers. I believe that true leadership encompasses both masculine and feminine energies, and embracing our authentic selves is the key to creating a positive impact.

Leading from the heart as oppposed to the ego, has been a profound lesson in my journey. It’s allowed me to break free from societal expectations and be a leader who fosters growth, connection, and empowerment. I encourage you to reflect on your own leadership style and consider how you can cultivate a more heart-centred approach.

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