Feel like you’re invisible in your business?


One of the reasons why I became a Visibility Coach is I started to notice more and more entrepreneurial women who were just absolutely incredible but they were really being held back by limiting beliefs and stories about themselves.

At the time I was helping entrepreneurial women speak on stages and speak to camera and I quickly started to realise that it wasn’t just that the ‘how to’ that they needed to learn. There was a lot more work behind the scenes in order for them to feel confident enough to show up and be visible.

Because it’s all very well saying hey, I’ve started a business, I’ve designed some courses, I’m running some events and here’s my website. But then when it comes to showing up and promoting ourselves, it can often feel so so difficult because there are fears or worries that hold us back.

If you are feeling held back (and invisible) it may help to reposition your thinking around what it means to be visible. Here’s a video that will help.



Abigail Rebecca | The Visibility Goddess

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