Five Ways to Discover Your Purpose Part 1

When I was 5 years old I wanted to be a bin man (I think you may call them refuse collectors in other parts of the world)

But in the north of England we called them Bin Men.

I was obsessed.

Every Thursday I used to get so excited when the truck pulled up outside the house. Health and safety didn’t exist in the 1970s so they would pick up the bins and sling them over their shoulders and tip the rubbish into the back of the truck.

I used to go outside and try and help them, much to the Bin Men’s amusement and my mother’s annoyance.

They wore dark grey overalls. I coveted them in exactly the same way that I now covet Mulberry handbags.

I used to tell everyone that I wanted to be a Bin Man, including my Uncle Dennis who was an ACTUAL Bin Man (but not my actual Uncle).

Uncle Dennis’ wife, Barbara, took pity on me one day and made me some Bin Man overalls using Uncle Dennis’ castoffs.

I wore them EVERYWHERE. They were SMELLY.

Haha my poor mother. Can you imagine it?

Sadly, when I grew up I never got to be a Bin Man.

Partly because I’m not good around rotting vegetables but mostly because I’m not a man.

So you see, that clearly wasn’t my purpose even though it’s all I wanted to be when I was a child.

I often read that, if you want to find your true purpose, think about what you loved doing when you were a child and I often wonder if being a Bin Man WAS actually linked to my purpose.

I like to be outdoors a lot so that fits in well with being a Bin Man.

I like to help people and Bin Men help people A LOT.

The overalls were definitely a fashion statement and you know I’m all about the fashion.

Maybe there are some links. But you know what stands out when I think back to 5 year old me looking out of the window?

They were always HAPPY. They would laugh and joke and be cheeky to my mum. They would whistle and swing off the back of the truck when they drove back up the road.

I wasn’t attracted to the JOB. I was attracted to the JOY.

So that may give you a bit of a clue to what I’m going to talk about in my video below: Five Ways To Discover Your Purpose.

If you’re struggling to find your purpose….it’s actually easier than you think.

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