Five Ways to Manifest More Powerfully Using Human Design

A couple of weeks ago I had the most amazing experience and I wanted to share it with you because I manifested it by applying my Human Design Strategy to The Law of Attraction techniques.

I was on Loose Women!

Loose Women is a TV Show in the UK. similar to The View in the States. Now I would like to put some context around this. First up I was not on the live show. That’s something that’s going to happen in the future.

But I was invited down to the set to present in front of the live audience and it was feakin’ awesome!!!!

Deep down, I’ve always wanted to present on TV and now I have the TV bug, BIG TIME!

This opportunity has given me something so valuable. The experience of being on TV. Now I can use this core memory to bring my imagination to life as I visualise how it will feel to be on a TV show so I can manifest it more purposefully.

It’s the same technique as taking your dream car for a test drive or going to the open house showing of the property you’ve always wanted to live in. Because we manifest more powerfully when we use our emotions, if we’ve already experienced it, we can tap into those emotions again to magnify the manifestation.

So I’d love to share with you how we made it happen. Some background: I was in the studio audience with my amazing PR Coach, who had already given us the heads up the day before, that the Floor Managers would be asking for volunteers to come down to the set and present. But when we got there we were on the back row. I wasn’t fazed though, because I’d already prepared.

Some people would call it luck when I was invited onto the stage. I call it strategic magic!

So these are the 5 steps I applied to make it happen:

  1. Using The Power of Imagination
  2. Dressing Consciously
  3. Being 100% Certain it Would Happen
  4. Having The Staircase Moment
  5. Following My Human Design Strategy

Let’s Dive Into These 5 Steps Right Now.

Use The Power of Your Imagination: Visualise what you want to create in your present reality. Bring your vision to life more vividly by tapping into your emotions. Feel like it’s already happening to you. I did this the night before we were at the studio and when I was on the morning train to London. I pictured myself sitting in one of the chairs. I pictured the audience in front of me. I felt the heat of the studio lights. My heart started beating faster with nervous excitement. It felt like I was there already.

Did you know that there is a part of your Human Design Chart that shows you whether to visualise in a specific way or more general way? It’s always an eye opener when I share this knowledge with clients.

Dress Consciously: This won’t be the first time you’ve heard it from me. The way you dress not only attracts your soul clients, it also helps you manifest! I witness it time and time again with my clients. Your visual vibe attracts your tribe. As an ex stylist I love to combine style with Human Design.

For example, as a Human Design Projector I have to be very careful about not trying too hard to be recognised. A Projector’s Aura can literally repel people if it tries too hard. Coming across as disempowered and needy.

So I use clothes and accessories to make it easy for others to recognise me and invite me. I dressed consciously and wore a bright striped dress that I knew would get me noticed as soon as I walked into the studio because they’re my colours, and also matched the colours of the set.

Be 100% Certain That it Will Happen: Don’t doubt yourself. Feel into your very being and be certain it’s happening. I knew I was going to get picked even though I was on the back row. Confidence plays a big part in this. My confidence has grown since I really started to recognise myself and the inner power that I discovered within my Human Design.

Have your Staircase Moment: Have you ever watched a film where the main character slowly walks down a sweeping staircase and all eyes are on her? Watch how she physically and energetically shows up. Does she slouch with a scowl on her face looking at the floor? Or does she stand tall with her head up, smiling and making eye contact as she walks down the stairs?

Whenever you want to make a big impact and get noticed, shift your frequency to a higher vibration. Magnify your unique Human Design Aura. Smile at people. Speak to them. Give a genuine compliment. Ask questions. The energy you create has a ripple effect throughout the room. And yes, I did this too when I entered the studio.

Follow Your Human Design Strategy: This is the most important so please listen up. Your energy will only be received if you follow your strategy. As a reminder,

Generator/Manifesting Generator: Wait to respond

Projector: Wait to be invited

Manifestor: Inform before initiating

Reflector: Wait 29.5 days for major decisions (This scenario would be a little different through)

So as a Projector I waited until I was invited. Two times actually. I was invited by my PR Coach to put my hand up and volunteer and I was invited by the Studio guy to come down to the set. My Projector energy felt recognised so I could step into the opportunity and make it work for me.

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