Four Powerful Tools to Help You Show Up Confidently

Throughout my work with visionary leaders, I’ve found that it’s not uncommon for women to struggle with self-doubt and insecurities, even when they’ve manifested their dreams. This is especially true for entrepreneurial women and business leaders who are constantly in the public eye. They often face personal challenges around their visibility that can affect their confidence and how they show up.

I was speaking with a good friend and long standing client the other day about visibility blocks. My client has created the business of her dreams. Through our 1:1 work together she has overcome many of the visibility blocks that were holding her back but now she finds herself in a different zone. She is holding a space for the abundance that she’s manifested and that in itself brings many challenges around her visibility.

She is now highly visible. She speaks on stages, hosts large events, has a wonderful relationship with her network and is a shining example of her work. Her Human Design profile is 4/6 so she is totally aligned to her natural gifts and energy.

But like so many of us, her weight has fluctuated and when she doesn’t feel her best, it affects her visibility. She withdraws and is reluctant to show up. Her Facebook lives slow down, she turns down invitations to events and she doesn’t like her photo being taken so she becomes almost invisible again.

And that stagnant energy blocks the flow of energy into her business.

Can you relate to this?

I can.

You may remember that I lost a lot of weight during our 2020 lock down but since then I’ve put quite a lot of the weight back on. I’ve noticed how this is affecting my visibility. The way that I dress, my confidence, where I want to (and don’t want to) show up. At times I’ve been worried about being judged for my weight gain.

Seriously, why do we still worry about things like that????

So this isn’t a blog about weight loss. I’m not an expert in that area.

But if you resonate with anything that I’m sharing, I want you to know that you’re not alone. I’ve spoken to many women who have experienced similar visibility blocks. It’s important to recognise that these challenges are common, and it is possible to overcome them. Here are some strategies that have worked for my clients….and me!

And I elaborate on the video below.

  1. Understand Human Design: Human Design is a system that will help you understand yourself more deeply and appreciate your natural gifts and energy. By understanding your unique design, you can align with your true nature and live in alignment with your purpose. This ultimately brings you back to self-love and self-acceptance, which will help you overcome your visibility blocks. Book a reading with me here.
  2. Practice Compassionate Self-Forgiveness: Many people worry about being judged by others, but very often, we are the ones judging ourselves. Practicing compassionate self-forgiveness involves being kind to yourself and accepting yourself with all your unique quirks and imperfections. This deep and meaningful work will help you release your insecurities and show up as your authentic self.
  3. Learn to Style Your New Body: I have learned by experience that weight fluctuations or other physical changes can be challenging. It can affect our confidence and we may feel uncomfortable in our own skin. Learning to style our new body with clothes that makes us feel good can help boost confidence so that we can show up in a way that aligns with our true nature. Create a section in your wardrobe and fill it with clothes that fit you and light you up. And remember that when our weight fluctuates, stretchy belts are our best friends!
  4. Embrace Imperfection: Imperfection connects. It’s what makes us human and unique. It’s important to remember that your tribe is not attracted to an airbrushed AI version of you. They are attracted to your natural energy, uniqueness and authentic realness. Embracing imperfection and showing up as yourself will help you build deeper connections with your tribe and in turn, help you overcome your visibility blocks.

Visibility blocks can be challenging for all of us but it is possible to overcome them. By understanding yourself, being kind to yourself, learning to style your fabulous body and embracing imperfection, you will feel more empowered to consistently show up as your authentic self, regardless of the circumstances.

Need some extra pep in your step?

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