How Human Design Helps You to be More Visible And Attract Soul Clients

Human Design is a logical system that brings together principles of I Ching, Astrology, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System and Quantum Physics.

It’s a blueprint of your aura. It tells you how your energy interacts with the world, how you’re meant to manifest, how other people receive you and how you receive other people.

It tells you what tendencies and attributes you have and also what energetic gifts you possess.

If you want to be more visible, attract more Soul Clients, (clients who are a joy to work with and take responsibility for investing in their own personal development) grow your business AND create wealth, independence and freedom, here’s why I know Human Design will be so effective for you.

I started my business in 2016 and through my own experience working within the personal development industry, I believe that there is generally a cookie cutter approach to teaching visibility and client attraction.

This is what I see. Someone like me enters the personal development world. I set up a business, invest in myself and learn how to grow my business. And I make lots of mistakes and I learn from these mistakes. I have massive breakthroughs and create success. And then I’m like, “Ah right, I want to teach other people how to do it.”

So I create a programme or an online course and I start to present myself online or in person to attract private coaching clients.

And then I take my clients through it. My journey. With the best intention in the world, from my heart, I lead my clients through exactly the same process.

But the problem with this is exactly that. It’s MY journey and it’s MY process.

My clients are NOT ME.

▪️They have a different energy to me.

▪️They have a different life purpose to me.

▪️They deal with pressure in a different way.

▪️They might have a different approach to their own identity, so they might see themselves in a different way to how I see myself.

▪️They may have a different confidence level.

▪️They may deal with and process fear in a different way.

The techniques I teach may not necessary work for them. Their energy will be received in a different way.

The strategy that helped me ATTRACT clients may REPEL their clients.

So you see how quickly this approach can unravel. And that’s why I see time and time again. Really incredible courses and programmes that teach the “how to” but they’re just teaching one way and they don’t take into account that everyone is completely different.

And there will be some people on that course and programme that will be absolutely rocking it and some people that just don’t.

And that’s because those people aren’t designed to promote themselves in that way. They’re not designed to build their business in that way.

So through Human Design you learn a bespoke and personalised visibility and client attraction strategy that helps you grow your business empire without the hustle.

Why? Because you’re doing things that come naturally to you. That bring you joy.

And you built your business to create a happier more fulfilled life right?

Curious to find out more about your Human Design? I offer 121 Business Growth & Human design Visibility Readings.

Clients tell me it’s changed their lives and I’d love to give you the opportunity to tap into this magical resource too.

During your reading, you’ll learn how to leverage your own visibility, to promote yourself and your business offerings in a way that will be received and appreciated by the clients that need to work with you right now.

You’ll also get a recording of our call and a full Human Design profile report.

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Abigail Rebecca | The Visibility Goddess

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