How to Attract Soul Clients Without Spending Loads of Money on Marketing

For many years I worked in various senior roles within the biggest tour operator in Europe. All my roles had one thing in common: I was a champion for excellent customer service.

Relationship building, awesome service….making another person feel special…. has been a passion of mine ever since I started working age 16.

Throughout my corporate career I got a real buzz from making people feel special and I ensured our teams over delivered so our customers were surprised and delighted. I quickly realised that not only was it a satisfying thing to do, it was also a very effective business growth strategy.

I learned that delighted customers equals customer retention and recommendations.

Here are some interesting stats for you to digest when it come to client retention and referrals. Line 1 Human Designers listen up….you will love investigating these!

Affordability: It’s 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire a new client than it is to retain an existing client. Just think of all the money you’ll save on Facebook Ads spend!

ROI: A 5% increase in client retention can increase company revenue by 25–95%.

Loyalty: Retained clients buy more often and spend more than newer clients. They’ve learned the value of working with you and keep coming back, again and again.

Referrals: Satisfied, loyal clients are more likely to sing your praises and refer their friends and colleagues — bringing in new clients, free of charge.

So based on statistics like these and my natural tendencies to connect with people and build communities, (My Human Design Line 4) I quickly became a champion for surprising and delighting our customers.

The company I worked for had a turnover of 1.9 Billion pounds so details like this mattered.

How could we over deliver to our customers? How could we make this vacation the most INCREDIBLE experience of their lives? The minute they stepped into the airport, boarded the plane, walked into their hotel lobby, went down to dinner — the whole customer experience.

We also applied these methods to our internal customers — the people who worked for us. Our teams. Our service partners. How could we make them feel really special.

I left corporate 8 years ago but I continue the legacy as I’m scaling my own business. The women who I mentor and invest in our retreats and join our programmes are incredible. They deserve the very best experience that we can provide for them.

➡️ This is why it’s so important to attract soul clients in the first place.

Because they are ‘your people’ and the perfect fit and because they will get amazing results because they’re the perfect fit, they in turn will recommend you to other people in their tribe who are the perfect fit.

Therefore, you’ll start to bring in most of your clients through personal recommendations and referrals which supports and solidates your destiny as an expert in your field and an illuminated leader.

This isn’t about gaining thousands of followers and thousands of likes. This is about building consistent, genuine and long lasting relationships. A tribe that always has your back and speaks of you highly.

Net Promoters who say great things about you when you walk out of the room.

Adult conscious women who don’t play games, get jealous and put down others to make themselves look better.

This is sophisticated, high vibe and fun business building aligned to longevity and leaving a legacy.

Soul work at its highest vibration.

In the following video I share how to attract soul clients without spending loads of money on marketing. It’s a very simple concept. You don’t need to create anything new, just tap into the resources you already have: Your existing clients!

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