How to Attract The Things You Desire

Part of the deep work that I take my clients through is identifying and dismantling the limiting beliefs that block their visibility and self-expression.

My clients want to be more visible, amplify their credibility and position themselves as experts in their field so that they can grow a thriving, conscious business empire.

I’m assuming that, as you reading my content, you desire that too?

But sometimes it doesn’t feel so flowly and easy. We can feel stuck getting to the next level. And that’s a frustrating place to be, right?

When my beautiful clients work privately with me, I help them put effective strategies and systems in place to support their journey. We develop tailored approaches (aligned to their Human Design) to attract soul clients, create space for pleasure and expansion and foster long-term success.

But that’s only a small percentage of the work. Because attracting the things we desire is pure ENERGY ALIGNMENT.

Everything has a vibration and we are responsible for being a vibrational match for the things that we want to appear in our business.

Clients, money, collaboration, referrals etc.

But frustration, scarcity and knocked confidence blocks it from flowing in. So our job is also to shift our vibration so we are a magnet for abundance, while still honouring our feelings and emotions.

I’ve recorded this free training for you to get some quick wins around shifting your vibrational state.

I’m all about manifestation hacking!

Ready to dive in deeper?

I’m currently taking applications for 2 x 6 month private coaching spots. If you’d like to explore further you can schedule a free call with me here.

Abi xoxo


Abigail Rebecca, often known as the Visibility Goddess, is a Human Design Visibility Coach, 4/6 Projector and Thought Leader on Aquarian Age femme leadership and empowerment.

She is a trained Personal Stylist at the London College of Fashion, an EFT Practitioner, Kundalini Junkie and Human Design Expert. Abigail has overcome immense challenges to create the life and business of her dreams. She left a religious cult aged 16 and recovered from a corporate burnout heart condition.

Based on 28 years experience of coaching and mentoring thousands of women leaders in Fortune 500 companies and in her successful coaching business, Abigail has created the tried and trusted Illuminate Method™ which helps visionary leaders amplify their visibility, credibility and impact, to create space for pleasure and expansion and grow thriving, conscious business empires.

Abigail lives on the South Coast of England with her 4/6 Generator partner Kev and their mini dachshund Rudy.



Abigail Rebecca | The Visibility Goddess

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