How to Avoid Corporate Burnout

According to a recent Gallup survey cited on Forbes, 44% of employees report signs of being burned out at work. Self-care (and self-leadership) means choosing to put yourself first — or burnout may be your next destination.

When I worked in corporate I put my job ahead of everything else. My job took number one priority because, a) I’d worked bloody hard to get to that position so I wanted to perform well and show my worth and b) my job provided the income to do the things in my life which made me feel joyful like travelling, staying in nice hotels, eating in nice restaurants and buying nice clothes.

The problem was… actual job wasn’t bringing me joy.

In fact it was making me miserable.

So I would stay in the nice hotels and eat in the nice restaurants and buy the nice clothes to try and numb the frustration and despair that was bubbling up inside of me because I was so unhappy in my job.

I pushed down my feelings again and again, all the while making my job my number one priority. And then……bamm!!!!!!

I found myself not just burnt out but racing to the hospital in the ambulance because my poor body had had enough of the long hours, stressful projects and poor work/life balance.

So if you’re feeling even just a tiny bit of what I was feeling, I’ve recorded this video to help you avoid corporate burnout and at the same time, maybe make some choices around how you want to follow your bliss and create less stress and more joy in your life.

Watch the video and then get in touch if you want to discuss how you can work with me.



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