How to Intentionally De-clutter to Create Space For Pleasure And Expansion


How would you describe your work area at the moment?

A cluttered mess or a clear free-flowing space of tranquillity?

If you are currently feeling stuck, overwhelmed and anxious, then I would recommend that you take a look at this.

You’ve probably heard me say before that clutter is a physical manifestation of incomplete decisions. You can’t decide where you’re going to put everything, so you just pile it up on your desk. Or that chair in your bedroom. Or the exercise bike/clothes rail you bought last January that’s sitting in the corner. 😜

But there’s a reason why we feel anxious around clutter. It’s a spidey sense that’s built into us. As humans, we have to have a clear vista to be able to see the horizon, just in case something dangerous is coming our way and we need to prepare to fight or flee.

De-cluttering serves as a transformative process that goes beyond simply tidying up physical spaces.

By clearing out the excess, we create room for expansion and personal growth in our lives and business.

Physical clutter can be overwhelming and stifling. It’s linked to mental and emotional clutter, which can create a bottle neck in our business, personal development and limit our potential. This is especially significant if you have a Human Design open or undefined Spleen as you have a tendency to hold onto things and it can feel quite scary to let them go.

Letting go of material possessions that no longer serve us opens up physical space, allowing us to breathe and move freely. It also creates a mindset of simplicity and clarity that extends into other areas of our lives.

This newfound space, both physically and mentally, grants us the freedom to explore new opportunities, pursue our passions, and cultivate meaningful connections. De-cluttering truly is an act of liberation!

In the following video I share 3 simple steps to intentionally de-clutter to create space for pleasure and expansion.

I also talk about Human Design Environments and how this knowledge can help you create spaces that attract an abundance of opportunities into your life and business.

If you would like to learn more, you can book a personalised 90 minute Human Design reading HERE.



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