How to Permanently Remove Your Subconscious Abundance Blocks


A year ago, I started coaching a new client (let’s call her Sandra) who was so ready to leave her corporate job, she had already cleared out her desk drawers ready for the big move.

From my experience, there’s no magic formula around the length of time it takes for someone to leave corporate.

Sometimes it can happen in a matter of months, sometimes a year. I’ve even worked with clients who have wanted to leave their job for 10 years but they’ve been held back by many limiting beliefs.

There are many things that can determine the ‘escape period’, including mindset, self belief and commitment.

Which is why, when I decided to leave corporate and started to work with a coach, I fast tracked because I had the right support and advice as I forged a path toward a purposeful career without a glass ceiling.

Anyway, back to Sandra. Things were happening really slowly for her. Opportunities weren’t showing up for her. She was doing a lot of work;

  • Planning her business venture.
  • Reading self help books.
  • Going to networking events.
  • Listening to podcasts.
  • Watching my Facebook live training

Even though these resources were providing her with a lot of inspiration, she didn’t seem to be moving forward. She was getting frustrated and on the verge of giving up.

If this resonates with you then read on. (Because I really don’t want you to give up).

I had spoken with Sandra a few times before and offered to work with her but she wasn’t ready to commit.

Finally, she sent me an email asking for help and joined my private Big Change Small Steps coaching programme.

Sandra was very driven and focussed and determined to get the job done. Well no surprise there, she worked in corporate after all!!!

But what I quickly realised from coaching her in just a few sessions was that she had subconscious abundance blocks.

So what do I mean by that?

Well she was subconsciously sabotaging herself. There were so many opportunities that were there waiting to come to her….money, people, connections, experiences.

But she wasn’t receiving them. She was energetically pushing them away.

When I discussed this with Sandra she didn’t believe me. I want this more than anything in my life, she said. Why would I not be open to receiving it?

So my lovely reader…I’m going to open this question up to you.

If there’s something that you want in your life…more than anything. Maybe your dream job or to leave corporate and set up your own business. Perhaps it’s to get 10 new clients or a chunk of money to grow your business.

Whatever stage you’re at…….

My question is “Why aren’t you receiving it?”

What is stopping you from receiving it? Because once I understand the limiting beliefs that are stopping my clients, we work on this and remove the blocks very quickly so they start to receive all the things that have been waiting to come to them.

And their lives change at lightening speed.

One of the ways I teach my clients how to remove their subconscious abundance blocks so they can live a more abundant life is to start receiving compliments!

How good are you at receiving compliments?

If someone says your dress is nice do you say:

“Thank you, I love it too.”

Or do you say, “Oh this old thing? I’ve had it for ages”

To get into the energy of receiving you need to get really good at accepting compliments.

So start to practice right now.

Open up to receiving compliments from everyone you meet in your day.

  • Look up, open up and be GRATEFUL that we live in such an abundant universe.
  • Smile back at the person who serves you coffee.
  • Say thank you to the girl on the makeup counter who says you have great skin.
  • Say thank you to the person at work who tells you you’ve done a fantastic job.
  • Thank your friend who says she loves your new hair style.

Graciously EXPECT and ACCEPT compliments. Your ability to receive something as simple as a compliment sends a strong message to the universe that you’re ready to receive more things into your life such as friends, clients, collaborations, projects and money.

Lovely gifts just for you!

Making this my daily practice made significant changes in my life and it’s changed so many of my clients lives too.

Including Sandra who has not only left corporate and set up an online business consultancy (so she can work on the beach) she’s also very very good at receiving compliments!

Hop on my Facebook Live Show which airs every Thursday in my Big Change Small Steps group. Tomorrow I’ll share more about removing your abundance blocks

You can join for FREE here.

And please….

Get it out of your head that accepting compliments is egotistical and vain. By accepting compliments you are honouring yourself and allowing yourself to be open to receiving everything you desire in your life right now.



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