How to Style For Your Human Design Type


Personal style is a powerful tool that not only allows us to completely express ourselves, it also influences the way others perceive us.

When it comes to fashion, our choices extend beyond just aesthetics. Our clothes and accessories resonate with our energy and help us align with our true selves.

As a Human Design Visibility Coach and trained Stylist, I’d love to share with you the concept of styling yourself based on your Human Design Type, how it can amplify your visibility and attract amazing opportunities for business growth.

In the video below I cover the 5 Human Design Types and some styling tips that will help you to fully align to your own personal Human Design strategy with ease.

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Generator/Manifesting Generator: Wait to Respond.

As a Generator or Manifesting Generator in Human Design, your aura has a magnetic quality that attracts and responds to the world around you. It’s important for you to respond rather than initiate, so your energy is received in the right way and you can move forward with ease.

When planning your outfit, ask yourself if it encourages people to initiate, allowing you to respond to them. Choose garments that prompt people to make the first move. Wear colours as opposed to black or white, as they stimulate the brain to release endorphins, that not only make you feel happier but also encourage others to approach you.

By aligning your style with your Human Design, you create an amplified connection between your aura and the world, attracting opportunities that support your business growth. I dive deeper in the video below.

Projector: Wait to be Invited.

Projectors have an aura that probes and penetrates the energies of others, making them naturally adept at observing and guiding. It’s important for you to be seen and recognised so you feel successful. Your energy is not accepted by others when you initiate because you’re designed to be invited.

When planning your outfit, ask yourself if it’s a conversation starter, so that other people can quickly recognise your unique insights and guidance. A great way to do this is to create stories around the accessories and clothes you wear, so when you’re complimented (which you will be because you’re designed to be seen), you can jump into the story and engage in a deeper conversation. I give some examples of this in the video below.

Manifestor: Inform Before Initiating.

Manifestors have a commanding aura that impacts and repels. In Human Design, it’s essential for Manifestors to inform others before initiating actions.

So when when you style yourself, ask if your outfit prompts others to step out of the way, allowing you to move forward in peace. Choose clothes that make a statement, reflecting your inherent power and individuality.

Experiment with bold colours, strong silhouettes, and accessories that express your impactful presence. By aligning your style with your Human Design, you create a visual representation of your authentic self as an igniter and a revolutionary leader. I would personally avoid red. I explain why in the video below.

Reflector: Wait for a full Lunar Cycle.

Reflectors possess a unique aura that reflects and samples the energies of those around them. As a Reflector, it’s crucial to have a deep connection with the lunar cycle to navigate the world authentically.

When planning your outfit, ask yourself if it grounds you and resonates with your inner being. Choose comfortable and versatile styles and fabrics that allow you to adapt to various energies and experiences. Go for earthy tones and flowing fabrics that mirror your reflective nature.

By aligning your style with your Human Design, you create a harmonious balance within yourself, embracing your ever-changing energy and inviting authenticity into your life. More in the video below!

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