How Your Human Design Magnetic Aura Field Attracts or Repels Soul Clients

The real reason you’re not attracting the soul clients you desire to work with?

✨ Your Magnetic Aura Field. ✨

I meet women who have spent years and years (and thousands of dollars) learning the ‘how to’ and it’s such a relief for them to finally ‘BE’.

So what do I mean by that?

Humans are energy creatures — our energy interacts — every second of every day we are either attracting or repelling.

Attracting or repelling soul clients.

Through learning about their Human Design and experimenting with it….specifically relating to visibility and client attraction, my clients know exactly what they must do to attract not just soul clients, but wonderful experiences and opportunities that all contribute to their business growth and wealth creation.

We all have a Human Design strategy, that if followed, allows our energy to be beautifully received and draws our soul clients to us like a magnet.

When we’re not aligned to this, we find ourselves stuck….there’s resistance and no flow.

It’s the difference between swimming up stream. Fighting against the current vs flowing gently down stream with very little effort.

The problem is…..we’ve not been taught it, so many of us have been swimming up stream all of our lives.

Are you ready to make a deep change? One that will activate that aspect of yourself which allows everything to work with greater ease in your business?

The first step is to learn more about your Human Design inner strategy. Each Human Design type has it’s own strategy as follows:

Generator: Wait to Respond. Your Aura Attracts & Responds. It cannot protect you when you initiate.

Projector: Wait to be invited. Your Aura Probes and Penetrates.

Manifestor: Inform before initiating. Your Aura Impacts & Repels.

Reflector: Needs a 28 day moon cycle to know who or what is correct. Your Aura Reflects & Samples.

Ready to learn more? Watch the video below.

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Abigail Rebecca | The Visibility Goddess

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