Human Design Open/Undefined Heart Centre? Do This to Elevate Your Self Worth.

Your Heart Centre is all about the ego, consistent willpower and material things and is connected to tribal consciousness. It governs the survival of family and community and is the bedrock of our communal and entrepreneurial way of life.

If your heart is open or undefined, you may find your willpower and sense of self esteem fluctuates. One day you may feel really great about yourself but the next day, you doubt your ability to get anything done. This feeling is natural.

You live in a world that sends a constant stream of messages telling you that you can be better, prettier, richer, more successful…..which can put you under tremendous pressure to do more and to be more. You may feel unworthy when you compare yourselves to others and are driven by the need for consistent willpower and the courage to be wilful.

You ask “Why can’t I have what they have” and you try to will yourself to have the courage but you fail because you’re not designed to will yourself to do anything.

Can you relate to this?

I work with many incredible women with open and undefined hearts who are over compensating and burning themselves out. They’re not always in touch with the value of their time and energy so they’re undercharging, working overtime and people pleasing.

If this sounds like you then I’d like to share a simple exercise.

Write a list of your accomplishments.

Go right back to your childhood and write a list of everything you’ve achieved from training and qualifications to work experience, how you’ve helped others and any praise and positive feedback you’ve received for your work.

Sometimes we just need a reminder about how valuable we really are.

When you recognise your pure brilliance, you carry it in your aura and you show up in a more empowered and confident way.

I share more in the video below.

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