Human Design Projectors: The Top 3 Strategies to Scale Your Business

This is a blog about Human Design Projectors. If you are Projector scaling your business then read on…there is valuable information contained below! (Actually there are 6 strategies)

If you’re not a Projector then still read on. You more than likely have Projectors as clients and it’s important that you understand their energy so you can powerfully guide them!

Many people ask me how I manage a successful online business as a Projector. It seems to contradict the natural tendencies that Projectors have to not work very hard.

For years I criticised and judged myself for being lazy. When I worked in corporate, I used to stare at the space underneath my desk wishing I could put a duvet in there and curl up for a sleep for an hour. I once had a guided tour of the Google offices in London and was delighted to discover they had sleep pods. You could actually climb in there and go to sleep in the middle of the day! I felt it would be my dream job.

But the endless hours, grind and stress of corporate left me with a heart condition, burnt out in A&E on several occasions with a heartbeat of 220 and I knew this was THE wake up call. My heart literally broke because I wasn’t following my Human Design.

When I discovered Human Design it was like a dark cloud had shifted and the sunlight started to flow in. I realised that I’m not designed to work hard. I’m not lazy. It’s ok. I get my energy from rest, hanging out with Generators and Manifesting Generators and trusting that my deep knowledge and wisdom will be received by them as their guide. (If I’m invited)

So a typical working day for me is usually ‘work for a couple of hours’ and then a long rest. Then maybe work for another couple of hours and a long rest.

I don’t work long hours. Really I don’t.

Does this mean that I’m not committed, go getting and successful within my business? No! It just means that I run my business very differently to the way that other Human Design energy types do.

Now don’t get me wrong. I can put in the hours when I need to. I can work in the evenings or even at the weekends if I am up against a deadline. But I don’t do this consistently. I just don’t have the energy.

Mostly on Fridays and the weekends I put the laptop down and I hardly ever work the last week of the month.

So here are some things to consider when scaling your business empire as a Projector. This is what I do.

  • As mentioned above, I’ve built my business around my projector energy so I don’t have to work long hours.
  • I surround myself with an amazing support network — Friends, family, team and even clients are there to support you. Make sure there are loads of Generators and MGs around you.
  • I’m a very good delegator! I delegate tasks that I don’t vibe with and find people that love to do them! This isn’t just in my business but also at home. For example, I hate cleaning but my cleaner LOVES it. She actually sings when she’s cleaning our house. That brings me joy. I get to pay her for doing something that brings her joy.
  • My prices reflect the bespoke and transformational experience my clients receive. Clients pay me to hang out in my Projector energy and they in turn learn about their Human Design and client attraction strategy so that they too can generate more wealth and abundance. This means that I don’t have to work with that many clients to generate the income and lifestyle I desire.
  • I’ve released the expectations I had around working with millions of women. To be honest with you, I don’t want to work that hard. Instead, I help my clients (the majority being Generators and Manifesting Generators) to attract and work with millions of women. Now THAT feeds my soul. I still get to experience that energy but I don’t have to ‘do the work’.
  • I travel a lot. I work at the same time but I give myself space to soak up the energy of the experiences. As I travel and rest, it gives me the energy to mentor my beautiful clients and give them the guidance and support they need.

In the following video I share more strategy about how I’ve scaled my business as a Projector, without the hustle.

Questions? Reach out to me at I’m always here to help. I’m a Projector, it’s what I do best!



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