If your job sucks why are you still in it?


Whether you’re reading this blog right after New Year or the middle of summer, chances are, at this point in the year you’ve had some time off work over the holidays and you’re dreadIng going back to your job.

At the start of the new year, job searches go up, dramatically. According to job site Indeed.com, over 50% of US workers were thinking about changing careers in January last year.

That’s a LOT of people unhappy in their jobs.

When I worked in corporate I used to get the ‘7 year itch’ about every 2 years. I got bored and unhappy in my roles very quickly and thought that finding a new role would make everything better.

It didn’t.

Why? Because I was just repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

What I needed to do was FIX THE PROBLEM.

I needed to work on my mindset, learn to like myself again (I couldn’t even contemplate loving myself at that point) and understand what it was that really made me happy.

But instead, I just used to get another role internally and a promotion but before I knew it, I was unhappy again.

So if you’re feeling like this then watch the video below. I have some new year practices that I would like to share with you which helped me get into the right mindset and really turned my life around when I was unhappy in corporate.

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