Is money holding you back from leaving corporate?

Let me share a story with you about a woman who I met called Sarah.

Sarah was a senior leader in corporate. Sarah had a six figure salary. Sarah’s husband was a wealthy investment banker so, between the two of them, their finances were secure.

Their children went to a private school. They went on luxury holidays.

From the outside, she was happy, wealthy and successful.

But Sarah wasn’t happy.

In fact, she was desperately unhappy in her job. She’d had enough of making big money for other people and she wanted to set up her own business.

She had it all mapped out because Sarah was an intelligent woman who had vision.

But Sarah was procrastining.

She was starting to pick holes in her strategy. She was starting to think maybe now wasn’t the right time. Maybe she could put it off for a few years until the children grew up.

Because Sarah was worried about putting her family at financial risk.

That might seem a little unbelievable right, considering the circumstances? I mean, you would think that Sarah didn’t have a care in the world about money.

But Sarah had a deep rooted fear about losing money. And we uncovered this when Sarah started working with me.

Sarah had a repeated pattern in her life. She had turned down many opportunities throughout her life because she was worried about losing her money.

She had replaced her dreams with living in her comfort zone, and Sarah had many many regrets about that.

Through working with me, Sarah slowly began to understand why she had an unhealthy relationship with money. She learnt how she could tweak her mindset and have faith in herself and her abilities, so that she could create a successful, financially abundant business.

Sarah is now on her way to doing that and I’m so excited to see her blossom into the empowered business owner that I know she really is.

Many of us have limiting beliefs about money and unfortunately, just like Sarah, they prevent us from living the life we truly want, and DESERVE.

I delivered the video below as a Facebook live last week and I really hope it stirs something inside of you. Living a financially abundant life is our BIRTHRIGHT.

Don’t let your fears around the future hold you back any longer.

I deliver live training on my Facebook business page every week. Come on over and see me and be sure to follow me so you never miss another video.



Abigail Rebecca | The Visibility Goddess

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