Step into Visibility: Healing, Playfulness and Embracing Your Inner Child

As visionary entrepreneurial women, we have big dreams and aspirations. We want to be seen as experts and thought leaders in our fields, creating a lasting impact and building successful businesses. Yet, there are times when our progress is impacted by childhood traumas that can still linger in our minds and hold us back from stepping fully into our visibility.

In this blog post, I want to share my personal journey of healing and embracing my inner child and how it has empowered me to be more visible and confidently expressed.

Recognising and Naming

One of the first steps towards healing is acknowledging the impact of childhood traumas on our present selves. For me, it took a deep introspection to understand that fear of rejection, judgment, and imposter syndrome were stemming from unresolved childhood experiences.

Sometimes, we can make excuses for playing small and blame external factors instead of taking responsibility for our own traumas. It’s crucial to acknowledge our scared little child within and listen to what she’s saying.

This not only helps us take ownership of our fears, but also empowers us to share our journey with others, cultivating a community of support and understanding.


Forgiveness is not an easy subject, but it plays a vital role in our healing journey and stepping into our visibility. Forgiving those who have hurt us doesn’t mean we support their actions; it means we release the emotional baggage we carry and free ourselves from the burden of resentment.

Personally, forgiveness has been transformational in my relationship with myself and the level of visibility I’ve attained. By forgiving my family, the religious cult I was brought up in, and the control and restrictions I experienced, I have been able to let go of victimhood and blame and reclaim my power.

Every client I’ve worked with has experienced a similar transformation through the power of forgiveness. It allows us to step into a bigger, bolder version of ourselves, ready to embrace our visibility and share our expertise with the world.

Embracing Imperfections

As visionary entrepreneurial women, we are often perfectionists, striving for flawlessness in every aspect of our lives. However, embracing our imperfections and weaknesses is a powerful tool in our journey towards visibility.

Human Design and self-reflection have shown me that our imperfections are actually strengths waiting to be harnessed. When we own and accept these supposedly “flawed” aspects of ourselves, we can leverage them to craft our unique messaging and support our clients with authenticity. By stepping out of the shadows of our past and embracing our whole selves, imperfections included, we unlock the true potential for visibility and success.

Seeking Support

Healing from childhood traumas and stepping into visibility requires support. Surrounding ourselves with coaches, mentors, and communities that understand and uplift us is crucial.

Personally, I’ve found immense healing through Human Design, women’s circles, and the wisdom shared by fellow visionary entrepreneurial women. These spaces provide a safe and empowering environment where we can heal sister wounds, witch wounds, address our insecurities and embrace our true power.

Connecting with like-minded individuals who have experienced similar traumas and growth journeys can be immensely comforting and empowering.

In Conclusion

As visionary entrepreneurial women, the journey towards visibility and empowerment is deeply intertwined with our inner child’s healing. By recognising and naming our fears, forgiving those who have hurt us, embracing our imperfections, and seeking support, we can step into our true power and confidently express ourselves as experts and thought leaders.

The process may not be easy, but it is necessary for our personal growth and the impact we desire to create. Remember, the little girl inside you deserves to be seen, heard, and loved, just as much as the visionary woman you have become.

Embrace your inner child, heal, and step into your visibility with confidence and authenticity. The world is ready to receive your unique brilliance.

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