The Impactful And Independent Leadership of The Human Design Manifestor


I absolutely love working with the Manifestor energy but Manifestors can often be misunderstood by other Human Design types and be somewhat intimidating if you don’t understand how their energy works.

So whether you’re a Manifestor wanting to know a bit more about your design or if you have Manifestors as your clients or in your team, I hope you’ll find value in this week’s blog and video.

If you’re a Manifestor I admire you! You have a very special gift because you’re designed to initiate and act independently and you have an exceptional ability to manifest what you envision.

You can glimpse into the future and can often feel like you’re waiting for everyone else to catch up. You’re designed to open doors, businesses and conversations that make things happen. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself by addressing people in “high places.” Your energy and presence is potent enough to pull it off.

Your aura literally pushes energy outwards, driving change and creating movements but other people can often feel uncomfortable or even fearful about your power and will try to control you so you’ve grown up being conditioned by the fear of being controlled.

Does this resonate so far?

It’s really important that you manage your energy as you have a tendency to overwork, resulting in exhaustion and ineffectiveness. You’re not built for the typical 40 hour work week.

Conserve your energy for leading and speaking. That’s what you do best. Build a team to help you do everything else.

In the following video I share more about the Manifestor impact, the strategy that will bring you peace and how to manage a Manifestor if you have one in your team because EVERYONE needs Manifestor energy in their team.

And if you want to dive deeper into your design you can book a 90 minute reading with me HERE.



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