The truth about being stuck in your comfort zone

Bob Riggs said, “Many of us have established a comfort zone in our lives. We’re just coasting along taking the path of least resistance, and just getting by.”

Is that how you feel at the moment?

Do you feel like you’re just existing and not really going anywhere?

You may feel somewhat satisfied with your lot in life. Thinking that this is all there is. That you’re not destined for greater things.

You’re just going to continue as you are. Taking the path of least resistance.

Settling for less.

Being mediocre. In a mediocre life. In a mediocre job. (Probably earning a lot of money, but still, it feels like a mediocre job)

But there’s something bubbling up inside of you. It’s beginning to whisper in your ear.

‘Is this all my life is going to be?’

But your brain has other ideas. It’s trying to keep you ‘safe’. In your comfort zone. It’s creating resistance.

‘Don’t rock the boat. Everything’s ok. My life is really easy’

‘I don’t have time to make the changes’

‘I can’t afford to invest in myself’

Or asking the mother of all questions that will have you running back to your comfort zone as quick as possible;

‘What if I fail?’

So you don’t change. You just continue living your mediocre life because….well it’s just easier.

My wish and hope for you is to do someone wonderful and exciting in your life. Something that sets your soul on fire.

If you’re scared about leaving your comfort zone (and yes it’s very scary) . If you’re feeling like that and you’re not walking towards your dreams then I’ve made this video for YOU.

Send me an email at and tell me what’s stopping you leaving YOUR comfort zone.



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