Why I’m a Human Design 5/1 Fangirl

Let’s get straight to the point. If you have a 5/1 Human Design profile you have a pretty bad reputation according to some Human Design “experts.”

Maybe you’ve read online articles about your 5/1 profile, hoping to shed some light on who you are, and it’s left a nasty taste in your mouth.

I once gave a reading to a 5/1 client and she burst into tears because she was so relieved she wasn’t an unpleasant person…..yes, that’s the impression she had been given from another reading she had received the previous year.

I’ve had many 5/1 clients who believed they were unlikeable, couldn’t connect and form meaningful relationships with their clients, teams and other business stakeholders.

Well I’m here to bust that myth. In fact, I’m very much a 5/1 fangirl.

So listen up 5/1 fabulous people. I’m going to tell you how it really is.

The reason why I attract so many 5/1 clients is because Heretic/Investigators are powerful & practical leaders.

You’re designed to lead and impact complete strangers and be a subject matter expert.

The ultimate, highly sought after expert in your industry!

You’re here to share what you know and are a keen observer of the world around you. You can seduce the people around you into new ideas and perspectives.

Your exterior appearance impresses everyone but underneath you have insecurities and limiting beliefs.

You’re a highly capable performer but you can build barriers around you to protect yourself from truly letting anyone in.

That’s because other people see you as their saviour. You’re the go-to person for someone who is in crisis. But people often project on to you. They put you on a pedestal. And when you don’t live up to their expectations you can very quickly fall from grace.

As a 5/1, Madonna is a great example of this. Look at her career and see how many times she’s been burnt at the stake because she didn’t live up to people’s expectations of who she should be. A recent example is at the Emmy’s this year when she was heavily criticised for her looks because she didn’t meet the expectations of what a 64 year old woman should look like.

So many of my 5/1 clients are blocked from moving forward into their abundant genius because they’re worried about letting people down, being rejected and that people won’t like them for who they really are.

Being authentic and setting boundaries will help liberate you and lead you to a path of fulfilment. When you operate in a practical way, you establish your power and presence in the world.

I go deeper in the video below.

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